Car Servicing Newcastle upon Tyne

If your car fails the annual MOT test, driving it home from the service garage could leave you facing serious consequences, or you may even have your licence revoked until you have the faults repaired. Situated in Gateshead, Crowther Lodge Motor Company is a trusted v2ship with more than 25 years' experience in the industry and helping drivers pass their MOT, so bring your car to our site today! At Crowther Lodge Motor Company, we understand the importance of maintaining the condition of your vehicle by supplying drivers in Newcastle upon Tyne with a range of products designed to keep up-to-date with when their car is next due for a service and MOT, like flexible warranty. Crowther Lodge Motor Company is located on Park Road, Gateshead, no more than a fifteen-minute-drive from Newcastle upon Tyne! We strive to give our customers confidence that their vehicle will pass the annual MOT the first time; contact Crowther Lodge Motor Company! Our on-site technical department will go above and beyond to ensure you receive the very best service in the area.